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[Episode 68] Other Peoples’ Words

It’s a he-said-she-said kind of show as we start things off with Steam summer sale chatter, anecdotes from Clay and Silent Rob go to QuakeCon, and a healthy dose of current events.

Then, listeners answer the cry for help from last episode with a couple of juicy emails that make up the bulk of our discussion. Per their missives, we touch on the subject of gameplay streaming and commentary – which is sure to come up in greater detail in future shows – whether Steam is becoming more evil, and the merits of The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

Hosted by James [Vigil80]
Participants are Eric [Ravenlock] and Robert [Trebor]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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Links from this Episode: Mercenary Kings, Game of Thrones mod for Mount & Blade, Teleglitch: Die More Edition, Rogue Legacy, Shadowrun Returns, Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, BeamNG’s Drive! and its crazy vehicle physics, the Left 4 Dead 2 “leak”, and Dennis’ Twitch.TV channel.

[Episode 67] Cut His Mic!

We throw the book away for this punchy episode, and focus on the new consoles, of all things. But don’t worry, the discussion centers around what the new generation means for PC players (if anything). LiquidRain, contributor to the show and Colony of Gamers hardware guru, gave us food for thought on the consoles’ tech and how it measures up.

If that doesn’t grab you, you can still listen in for the delight of Gunpoint, the surprise of Call of Juarez Gunslinger, the anticipation of State of Decay‘s PC port, and the legend of Clayton.

And for an encore, we have just enough time before the host’s mental break to get moony about the Oculus Rift.

Hosted by James [Vigil80]
Participants are Eric [Ravenlock] and Robert [Trebor]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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Free, right? The best things in life are free. So goes the refrain. And yet, with games, it certainly has not always been so. Is that changing?

Let’s talk about that.

It’s been awhile since we dedicated an episode to surveying the landscape of Free To Play games, and this seemed like a good time to circle back around on that topic. The ever-growing list of free games on Steam beckons to the frugal gamer, but time is money – are they worth your time? Surprisingly often, it seems these days that they are.

Many of the games we discuss can be found in the above link, but we call out and give attention to Neverwinter (a game to which I give a deserved apology), Star Trek Online, Tribes Ascend, and Planetside 2, among others.

In a different part of the show, I entreat you to check out Monaco, and I totally forget the name of Intrusion 2. Sorry, Intrusion 2, but to be fair, for being such a fun game your name is crazy generic. Regardless, do you like Contra-styled side scrolling action games? Play that one. It’s good.

Not quite as long as our last episode, but there’s still a solid couple of hours in store, so settle in.

Don’t worry. It won’t cost a thing.

Hosted, Summarized & Clumsily Edited by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James [Vigil80] and Robert [Trebor]

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[Episode 65] PAX Infinite

Remember back when E3 was the thing we cared about every year? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure E3 will still have some surprises, but for me, it’s all about PAX now.

In this episode we bring you tales of PAX East, and the many things that we saw and played there. Well, that Steve and I saw and played, mostly. We’re the ones who went. We talk about Transistor (watch video of what I played here) and Quadrilateral Cowboy and Delver’s Drop (I really like that one) and DiveKick and Apotheon and Shovel Knight and Contrast and Hawken and geez there were really a lot of indie games there this year. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. We talk about a couple AAA things too, but let’s be clear – the indie developer was the star of PAX this year. I’m okay with that.

And after that, it’s time to go to spoilertown on Bioshock Infinite.

There’s a segment of the show where we just talk mechanics, with no spoilers, and we give you fair warning when that changes; from that point on, it’s off to the races. Stop listening there if you intend to play the game and don’t want the ending spoiled. (This is not a game you want spoiled, trust me.)

Are we clear? Okay, then. Welcome to PAX Infinite. It’s a long show.

Hosted & Summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James [Vigil80], Robert [Trebor], and Steve [Dukefrukem]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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