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[Episode 12] Keepin’ It Up

Sometimes it just ain’t easy bein’ green. …Wait, that’s not quite what I meant.

Gaming is not, compared to many other things, a complicated hobby. Expensive, sure, and diverse, but not complicated. We like playing games. Give us a keyboard and a mouse and a monitor (or a controller and a TV) and we’re set. Mix in real life, though – jobs, families, travel, the general grind – and suddenly things aren’t so simple any more. This week, Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Bacalou], Robert [Trebor], Bryan [Smoof], Jacob [MagGnome] and Warren [Mayhem] talk about the burnout that we all occasionally feel when our urge to game wanes or, worse, gaming starts to feel like a chore… and what to do about it.

Luckily, of course, it isn’t all doom & gloom, and our retro segment includes a lot of fond memories of Serious Sam, coming soon in revamped glory to an XBox 360 near you via XBLA. In our freeware & indie section, 8-Bit Killer and Hinterland: Orc Lords are the primary targets, with mention also made of recent updates to Spelunky and Zeno Clash.

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[Episode 11] E3 Part Duex

Well, we just couldn’t stay away, and as hinted at last week, we’ve already got another big ol’ recording for you to chew on. It’s not 93 megs, mind you, but it’ll keep you busy for a couple of hours.

Clayton [Bacalou], Eric [Ravenlock], Adam [Grifter], Jacob [MagGnome], Robert [Trebor], and Peter [iHap] round out an all-star cast this week, and E3 again gets the lion’s share of attention, with respect paid to franchises returning and… well, I was going to say “and new”, but really it’s mostly franchises returning, isn’t it? That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as there are lots of flawed gems out there that a sequel could put just the right polish on if they do it well.

Unreal Tournament also gets some well-deserved love (with a little thrown Diablo’s way as well, for reasons I can’t right now recall) in our retro segment, and a new piece on freeware & indie titles touches briefly on TribesNext, Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Runners, FreeRealms, Cave Story, and Spelunky. This is something new this week, but look for more to come – Bandango has inspired us and we’re runnin’ with it!

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[Episode 10] Movers and Shakers

We’ve been gone a long time, baby, but we missed you. I promise we’ll never leave again. (That was probably a lie, but we want to mean it!)

There were grand plans – grand plans! – for this episode’s content, but then recording delays and E3 ensured that we spent a great deal of time talking about the potential (for success and failure) of things like Project Natal, Sony’s motion control device, and OnLive. Also discussed was the strange relationship PC and console games seem to have to each other these days, growing more and more alike in almost all respects and yet somehow becoming even more distant from each other in others.

Clayton [Bacalou], Eric [Ravenlock], Adam [Grifter], Jacob [MagGnome], and Robert [Trebor] join us this week – we’re also recording an encore episode very soon to make up for lost time and to cover the rest of the things we wanted to talk about here but didn’t get to. What can I say, we ramble.

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