Making the 13th episode of the Immortal Machines podcast we just had to ignore all those references to scary movies and just talk about pure, unadulterated, adrenalized PC Gaming from the latest to what we have been playing, to Indie games, and then dialing it back to Retro gaming. Oh the comfort of having so much history of PC gaming to keep you warm on those cold nights, even in July!

This week, Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Bacalou], Robert [Trebor], Bryan [Smoof], Adam [Grifter] and Warren [Mayhem] talk about Digital Distribution with a focus on LucasArts games being added to Steam tremendous line up, issues with older games being released via DD without any noticeable bug fixes, and what we would like to see happen with Digital Distribution come 2010 and beyond. During the Indie segment, Eric discusses Trine and just how much fun a 2-D side scrolling game can be. On the Retro Gaming end, Robert discusses the joys of shooting off body parts of terrorists, one limb at a time, playing Soldier of Fortune. Oh the gore! Oh the horror! Oh the fun!! There is plenty more to listen to so get with it, stop reading this and download the fraking podcast!!

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