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On this stellar edition of the Immortal Machines Podcast, your intrepid spaceship jockeys Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Voodoo] and J Arcane talk about one of the defining space combat saga to ever grace the hard drive of a PC, the one and only Wing Commander series. Covering Wing Commanders 1 thru Prophecy, you will get all the space combat commentary you can handle, along with our takes on the Wing Commander story line, the inclusion of full motion video, different story arcs, and what our thoughts are about the future of space combat games. But before we settle into the cockpits of our Rapier medium attack fighters and recount tales of taking on the Kilrathi fleet single handed, we have a very lively chat of what we’ve been playing on our PCs since the last podcast so worry not, there is still plenty of gaming gossip gestation.

So strap yourselves in and get ready to take a ride on The Rise and Fall of Wing Commander.

Links, links, and more links for your reading pleasure:

Wing Commander I

Wing Commander II

Wing Commander III

Wing Commander IV

Wing Commander (V) Prophecy

Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops

SMod Tactical for Source

D-FEND Reloaded

Pinnacle Game Profiler

For those who have lived and breathed RTS will know Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and have come to either love it or hate it depending on how much of your life was given up playing it. In this mini-cast your host Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], and Clayton [Voodoo], discuss this famous Westwood (R.I.P.) title, and how it affected the PC gaming environment back it 1995 and how it continues to today with the release latest and final release, C&C 4. We also discuss the cheesy full motion video (FMV) that was laced through this game, the single player story lines for both GDI and NOD, and the multiplayer experiences by both Clayton and Robert. Finally we also talk about the release of this game for free by EA to the PC community and the way one can still play it on a Windows 7, 64 bit OS.

So suit up and go hide your store of tiberium, we are moving out to Command & Conquer – Retrocast for “Breakin’ it Down”.

We’ve made no secret on Immortal Machines about our love of mods and mod tools. Giving gamers free reign to exercise their creativity by providing the tools to build virtual worlds is one of the best things any developer can do.

Every once in awhile, they go ahead and just make that the game. And that can be even better.

Markus Persson’s Minecraft is a remarkable title, resembling nothing so much as a landscape of infinite legos, beckoning you to create whatever your heart desires and share it with the world. It loads right in your browser, so getting in game and convincing your friends to join you couldn’t be easier – but there’s a chance you already know that, because that’s just what the Colony of Gamers crowd has already done.

When you’re done listening to the episode, please go take a look at that thread. Check out some of the screenshots of the amazing things that have sprung from the community’s imagination and spare time. Then go check out the server for yourself – it’s free to try, and if you want to support the game financially you’ll also get access to a “survival mode” that turns the whole thing into a roguelike of sorts, which I understand is terribly hard and also brilliant.

I could say more, but… well, here, I did: in the Episode 30 Indiecast.

Want to talk about Minecraft? Come discuss it over at Colony of Gamers.

[Episode 30] Breakin’ It Down

PAX East is over, and the world is… well, honestly pretty much the same. The Immortal Machines podcast is not the same, however, as Episode 30 brings some changes with it, which we’ll be happy to detail for you if you’d like to hear.

It was a small crew around the table for this episode, with only my co-host Robert and our ever-faithful producer Clayton able to join me, but we promise that the thus-somewhat-briefer episode is still crammed full of love and joy. …Well, it’s full of something. Open it up and find out! The bulk of the discussion looks back on PAX’s first trip to Boston, which was a mixed bag but still certainly positive on the whole. Attention is also given to some older titles that Robert and I have been enjoying with the aid of some enhancements: specifically, Freespace 2 with the Freespace Open project, and STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl with the STALKER Complete 2009 overhaul. If either of these has previously escaped your attention, let me entreat you to check them out, as they are both excellent examples of a loving community keeping a great game alive past its “shelf date”.

Ordinarily I would next tell you about our Retro and Indie titles for the episode, but I’m not going to! You’ll find out why when you listen. Suspense! (Spoilers: They’re coming soon.)

Before I run off, two more links that I mentioned near the show’s closing: the newest version of Dwarf Fortress, and the 6-years-in-the-making 1.0 release of Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Without further ado, Immortal Machines is…. Breakin’ It Down.

Hosted and Summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are Robert [Trebor], and Producer Clayton [Voodoo]

Want to talk about the show? Come discuss the episode over at Colony of Gamers.

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