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If I were to tell you that a commercial roguelike was in development with a full, aesthetically pleasing UI, point-and-click controls, tons of custom art and a wicked sense of humor, what would you say?  Would you say “sign me up?”  How about if I told you that in this game, you might learn the dread secrets of… The Cave of Poodles?

Sounds like a Monty Python sketch gone horribly awry, perhaps, but Dungeons of Dredmor is quite real, and very soon you’ll be able to play it for yourself.  For this episode we were very happy to welcome David Baumgart and Nicholas Vining of Gaslamp Games, to talk about their labor of love and its lengthy but frequently hilarious development process.  Learn the secret connection between Gaslamp Games and Media Molecule!  Discover what roguelikes and pinball games have to do with one another!  Learn what the Hell “Europa Barbarorum” is!  (Sure, you could just click the link, but where’s the fun in that?)  Listen to sordid tales of hoarded vegetables!

All this and more await you within.  Seriously, David and Nicholas are a fun pair of guys, you don’t want to miss this.  We also gave away a copy of the game, so, you know, maybe you won.  Might as well find out.

Join us!  The Dungeons of Dredmor await.

Hosted and summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James [Vigil80], Robert [Trebor], and David & Nicholas from Gaslamp Games
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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[IndieCast] Bronze & Auralux

Two indie strategy games for you in this edition of the IndieCast, though they resemble each other in almost no way save belonging to the same rough genre. Variety is the spice of life, no? Let’s dive in.

Shrapnel Games has been around for more than a decade, and has become well known for their extremely deep war and strategy titles. Dominions, in particular (no relation to the card game Dominion), is a long-running and very well thought of series that still commands more than $50 per copy, nearly unheard of in my experience for an indie PC publisher.

The game of theirs being examined this time around, Bronze, bears little similarity to their other offerings. Playing much more like a tile-based board game than a traditional turn-based strategy title, Bronze demands a lot of careful tactical planning and a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the units available to you and your opponent. It’s also a bit pricey at $30, but there’s an extremely large free demo available that I can’t recommend trying enough. I was quite taken with it, as you’ll hear in the show.

On the other side of the investment spectrum (both price-wise and time-wise), Auralux (originally “Aurora“) is a casual real-time strategy game by Edward McNeill that takes strong influence from games like Eufloria and Galcon, asking you to take a single planet that generates units at a constant rate, and expand from there to eliminate your enemies and conquer the galaxy. I’ve got a few concerns about the exploitability of the game design, and certainly if you’re looking for the next Sins of a Solar Empire, you’re not in the right neighborhood here. But for $5, it’s an enjoyable, sort of puzzle-like diversion, and since it too has a free demo, why not give it a try?

As usual, our expanded thoughts about both titles may be found within.

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[Episode 46] Hardware Rock

Colony of Gamers user LiquidRain joins us for a brief discussion of hardware and peripherals. We endeavor to answer a listener’s questions about the merits of the upcoming Razer Onza gamepad, which predictably touches on PC gamepads in general. We also discuss chic mechanical keyboards, and why you might (or might not) want to spring for one. And speaking of input devices: motion controls for PC? It’s more likely than you think.

Of course, we couldn’t let one of our resident hardware gurus get by without picking his brain about some of the high points of current hardware, especially the latest graphics cards.

In our opening minutes, we not only cover what games have been in the rotation for our heroes, but also revisit why Minecraft – greatness aside – wasn’t ready for the GOTY awards. Eric also gives us an Indiecast bonus round with the indie titles that tickled his fancy lately, like the little game that could, Magicka.

Start hopping to the Hardware Rock.

Hosted by James [Vigil80]
Participants are Eric [Ravenlock] and Rob [LiquidRain]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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