It is an energetic installment of the PC gaming podcast gentlemen prefer. Our regularly scheduled first segment is somewhat interrupted by a special report on the Portal 2 ARG. We briefly editorialize about some of the reactions to the way the ARG played out.

Not to worry; what we’ve been playing discussion is still intact with Sins of a Solar Empire mods and spacefaring MMOs Black Prophecy and Battlestar Galactica Online, not to mention Portal 2 proper. (Spoiler free, of course.) We also squeeze in comments on Bulletstorm, and a first impression of the Razer Onza 360 controller.

For our main topic, we discuss our favored ways to play in terms of time. From as much as possible or even all at once, to savored, bite-sized increments. Opinions divide along perhaps predictable lines, but you can hear some confessions of a game marathoner, and Clayton’s keys to fulfillment

Share your preferred playtimes with us at the Colony of Gamers discussion thread, through our Twitter feed, or via email. As you can learn in this episode’s wrap-up, it could win you a free game.

Hosted and summarized by James [Vigil80]
Participants are Eric [Ravenlock] and Robert [Trebor]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]