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[Episode 51] E3 Spree

The IM crew are not about to let E3 pass us by without getting our word in. It’s only the industry’s most important event, after all. Special guest Scott, of heavy-hitting sister show In-Game Chat, generously shares some of his first hand experience even as he recovers from the convention phage. We run down the hot – and lukewarm – titles like The Old Republic, Rage, and Battlefield 3, and wax a little philosophical about the nature of E3 and the shape it could take in the future.

No show is complete without what we’ve been playing, and this is no exception. Robert leads the way in revisiting former news makers Assassin’s Creed and Amnesia. Clayton is our crash test dummy for Duke Nukem Forever, and we try to decide if Duke’s lost that lovin’ feelin’ after all.  And roughly halfway through the show, we are graced by our first honest-to-goodness caller.

A host’s indecisiveness, a guest’s grim determination, veterans’ stalwart contributions. It’s all here in our E3 Spree.

Don’t forget the Colony of Gamers discussion thread, and follow ImmortalMachine on Twitter for your to-the-minute chance to call the show.

Hosted and summarized by James [Vigil80]
Participants are Scott [Psykoboy2], Brian[Xerxes] and Robert [Trebor]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

[Episode 50] Dig-Boxering

It has been an incredibly long time since Clayton has actually hosted an episode so things are a bit different for this episode. Covered in this podcast Dig-Boxer games like Minecraft, Terraria, King Arthur’s Gold and a few others. Also in this podcast we talk about the necessity of tutorial portions of games. And, just like this summary, this recording is also quite petite.

Hosted and summarized by Clayton [Voodoo]
Participants are James [Vigil80], Daniel [danielOut] and Nathaniel [Doctor Setebos]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]