Given our enthusiasm in releasing the Bastion interview, among other things, this episode is a tad late. But, it’s nevertheless full to bursting. We’ve got classic games covered as Robert revisits the original Red Faction and experiments with Virtual Box for titles like Dune 2000, Stronghold, and Diablo. And I recount my time with SWAT 4, the Dungeon Keeper 2 release from Good Old Games, and the original Deus Ex. We’re on the cutting edge, too, with the (oft misheard) Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Clayton’s experience as benefactor of a public Minecraft server, a look at OnLive’s progress, and Eric’s shiny, new GPU.

Following the break, Eric and I can’t help but share our potent feelings about Ubisoft’s mis-management of From Dust for PC, and GameStop’s Deus Ex debacle. But, the good feelings flow again when Gabe Newell’s latest comments about piracy and Valve’s growth spurs us to take a positive look at the developing free-to-play scene.

There’s something for everyone as we run The Gamut.

Hosted and Summarized by James [Vigil80]
Participants are Robert [Trebor] and Eric [Ravenlock]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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