Going on two years ago now, my compatriots and I dove deep into the topic of sequels in PC gaming, asking the hard questions of whether our physical and digital shelves were too full of copies, spin-offs and follow-ups (sometimes) and whether originality still had a place in the industry (yes).

The sequel to Episode 38 was lost in a tragic warehouse fire.

But the sequel to that is here for your listening pleasure! We have an absurdly crowded house of 7 folks gathered to once again survey the landscape of PC games over the last couple of years and ask ourselves: how do we feel about the games we love and the nigh-endless sequels they receive? The following links may prove useful to you on our journey.

Ultima Online: The Second Age free UO shard
A thing I wrote about Dear Esther
A short film called “Sight”
Hulks and Horrors on IndieGoGo

Alright, I think you’re well equipped now. Strap in for Sequelitis III: The Search for Part II.

Hosted by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are Mike [Bandango], John [J_Arcane], Robert [Trebor], Steve [Dukefrukem], and James [Vigil80]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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