Sometimes it just ain’t easy bein’ green. …Wait, that’s not quite what I meant.

Gaming is not, compared to many other things, a complicated hobby. Expensive, sure, and diverse, but not complicated. We like playing games. Give us a keyboard and a mouse and a monitor (or a controller and a TV) and we’re set. Mix in real life, though – jobs, families, travel, the general grind – and suddenly things aren’t so simple any more. This week, Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Bacalou], Robert [Trebor], Bryan [Smoof], Jacob [MagGnome] and Warren [Mayhem] talk about the burnout that we all occasionally feel when our urge to game wanes or, worse, gaming starts to feel like a chore… and what to do about it.

Luckily, of course, it isn’t all doom & gloom, and our retro segment includes a lot of fond memories of Serious Sam, coming soon in revamped glory to an XBox 360 near you via XBLA. In our freeware & indie section, 8-Bit Killer and Hinterland: Orc Lords are the primary targets, with mention also made of recent updates to Spelunky and Zeno Clash.

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