Seattle has never looked more attractive than when inside a convention hall, filled with video gamers of both the PC and Console camps. Our intrepid PAX travelers Clayton [Voodoo] and Eric [Ravenlock] share their tales of PC games, PC goodies, and PC gals, all up close and videoed with Robert [Trebor] and Jacob [MagGnome].

From the halls of PAX we swing into the what will be known as the best Batman PC game ever made, Batman: Arkham Asylum and give our early, and very favorable impressions of this superhero translation of the Caped Crusader in rather dire circumstances. Funny how he can never just have a “normal” day at the office? But then again can you see Batman sitting being a desk or in a cubical? No, I could not either.

From superhero to super spy the Retro Gaming segment discusses “No One Lives Forever” starting our favorite female sleuth Cate Archer. To live in the 60’s again, oh the joy! And what does UNITY and H.A.R.M stand for? Tune in and find out.

From the streets of London we move on to the land of Indie game with a discussion of Canabalt and Osmos with all the gaming goodness and playing pleasure. We finally wrap it up with our DWGAS segment covering topics such as free to play DDO, used game “conspiracy” not being isolated to just Gamestop, 2D Sonic, a new IP from Lucas Arts, and a pirated version of Batman give those naughty gamers the gas. So stop playing your marathon game of Solitaire and give us your ears.