What’s in a number? What’s in a number? Maybe nothing is in a number? Maybe a number is just a number. For Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Voodoo], Bryan [Smoof], Adam [Grifter] and Jeremy [Lord Don] we all toast the 21st edition of the Immortal Machines podcast with our presence, participation, and spirits. On this most auspicious of occasions we go through the podcast paces with our banter ever increasing as we make more and more toasts while the discussion of PC games continues on.

We start out with what games we have been playing which winds up becoming quite an interesting dialog about Modern Warfare 2. Next up is the Retro gaming segment that covers everyone’s favorite third person Norse hack and slash, Rune. The Indie gaming segment discusses the 2D action shooter GunFu Deadlands complete with bullet time! Then we come to the new and shiny Mod Segment where the Dawn of War Firestorm over Kronus mod is covered, WAAAGH!!!!! Finally some of the latest in PC Gaming News is discussed by all and believe me, this you do not want to miss.

Hosted & Summarized by Robert [Trebor]
Participants are Eric [Ravenlock], Bryan [Smoof], Adam [Grifter] and Jeremy [Lord Don]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]