On this edition of the Immortal Machines Podcast, your more awake than usual cast of Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], Jeremy [Lord Don], and Clayton [Voodoo] have the delight and pleasure to talk to ISOTX’s Community Manager, Rhea Monique, about their first commercially released FPS/ RTS game, Iron Grip: Warlords.

The questions we ask – yours included! – are what you would expect from a bunch of PC game playing geeks, but the answers that were returned allowed for a much better understanding of the game’s background, play style, and what future plans are in store for the Iron Grip Universe to keep their fans excited for more. As usual, we have also included our famous / infamous “What We’ve Been Playing” segment, which is actually quite a full plate – and later, Eric gets to respond to a listener’s email concerning the purchase price of PC games on the Steam holiday sale. So get that right mouse button in motion, open that context menu, and download some!

Hosted & Summarized by Robert [Trebor]
Participants are Eric [Ravenlock] and Jeremy [Lord Don]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]