On this edition of the Immortal Machines Podcast, your time managed cast of Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], Bryan [Smoof], and Clayton [Voodoo] discuss what it takes to setup some time to play games. Do you have to wait till all your chores are done, make sure the kids are tucked in, not play on nights when a new episode of your favorite TV show is on, or any of a myriad of items. Are your game playing choices based on how much time you have in a given evening, do you just schedule a series of evenings to pay, or do you just play on the weekends? All these questions are discussed and more.  For the Retro Section the classic Monolith game Blood is poked and prodded to show just how much fun it was to shoot, kill, and kick around severed zombie heads like soccer balls.  Next up in the Indie Section the much heralded Cyber Wing is examined and we all find out how much fun it is to change from a Mech to a Jet with very little fuss. Also knocking down palm trees while chasing the bad guys and shooting ‘em with twin arm mounted Gatling guns is just plan destructive. In the Mod section the fantastic user created addition to the game Company of Heroes, Eastern Front, which adds the Russian side to this classic WWII RTS is played and praised. It is always amazing what the moders can do with some time, patience, and a good SDK.

So click on das mouse comrade to download and play World Enough and Time for Games