Robot ninjas.

Robot ninjas IN SPACE.


I like to imagine that the meeting where Plain Sight got greenlit went something like that. People crowd around a boardroom table, while a presenter puts those lines up on the projector, one at a time. At the first, a hush falls over the room. At the second, several people begin to rise from their chairs – perhaps an intern faints. At the third line, a cheer spreads throughout the room. Chest bumps occur. Everyone storms from the room in celebration, leaves work early and goes out for a drink. Because honestly, once you’ve hit on kamikaze robot ninjas in space, isn’t your work done?

Of course, that isn’t true – the work of making a game only just begins with the concept. The good news is, Beatnik Games followed through on the hard part, too. A frantic, silly action multiplayer game, Plain Sight will challenge your reflexes and your tactical skills as you zoom around in low gravity, destroying your robot ninja rivals and claiming their delicious energy for your own.

Sadly no demo for Plain Sight currently exists, but the cost of entry is a reasonable $10 and in my opinion, the return on investment in terms of hilarious entertainment is very high.

But don’t just take my word for it – listen to the Episode 32 Indiecast to hear what my fellow podcasters thought, and decide for yourselves.

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