We’ve been anticipating this for awhile – we asked for your questions, we gave out copies of the game – so I’m going to keep the preliminaries short. We spoke to Runic about Torchlight. They answered your questions. There were a lot of them (people on the call, and questions being answered). We had a lot of fun. We hope you’ll listen and enjoy.

On the Immortal Machines side:
Eric [Ravenlock] – Host
Clayton [Voodoo] – Producer
Jacob [MagGnome] – Cool Guy

On the Runic side:
Max Schaefer – CEO
Travis Baldree – President / Project Lead
Jason Beck – Art Director
Adam Perin – Tech Artist
John Dunbar – Zombie Pyrotechnician
Wonder Russell – Minister of Public Relations
Falcor – Dog

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, we did our best to hit as many as we could.