We all have pled guilty before to spending too much money on entertainment. But how is that really defined and who is to say what is really “too” much? When it comes to PC gaming that always seems to come up. Many would argue who do not play PC games that you could get more mileage with your cash with console systems or spend nothing and just go visit your local public library. However at the end of the day what really defines value in entrainment is the pleasure you get from the activity. In this case I would argue that PC gaming as a whole is the best bang for the buck. But there are some who would argue that it is also hardware costs as well that either makes or breaks this argument. As with most things in life this not as simple as it appears. But it does make for a very interesting discussion with us fellow podcasters. So join Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], Adam [Grifter], Steve [Dukefrukem], James [Vigil80], J Arcane and Clayton [Voodoo] as we each answer the question: Are PC games the best entertainment bang for the buck?