Everybody loves it when a plan comes together, but sometimes that just isn’t how it goes.  Every once in awhile you’ve got to just get out on the field and see what happens, and the results of such an exercise are on display for you this week.  We didn’t really have a topic before going into this recording, and our crew was a little smaller than usual, but there was no reason to be worried – as it turns out, we’re somewhat chatty individuals, so dragging a conversation out of us wasn’t hard.

We love Alien Swarm (and you should too), so you’ll hear quite a bit of that towards the beginning, and Valve in general draws a lot of attention in the early part of the show – mostly positive, though not all.  Counter-Strike, we’re looking at you.  On the negative side of company-focused discussion, DICE seems to be in danger of losing the goodwill they built up around Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  After retracting their Onslaught mode announcement, still not delivering BF1943 on the PC, and releasing a multiplayer Medal of Honor beta that left us… underwhelmed… we’re starting to wonder if those guys still have it anymore.  I hope we’re wrong, personally; I want to love ’em.  But it’s looking… dicey.  (I’m so sorry.)

Some hardware talk also goes down as we discuss Steve’s frankly ludicrous gaming rig – OH! and we’re running a giveaway!  Want to know how to win a copy of Beat Hazard?

Then you’re going to have to listen to the episode, now, aren’t you?  Come on in and join us… we’re Wingin’ It.

Hosted and Summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are Steve [Dukefrukem] and Producer Clayton [Voodoo]

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