It’s a little bit rare in the gaming world to get a true surprise these days – news gets leaked, developments become predictable, and the internet has made the press cycle a very different beast than it was when your next PC Gamer issue was the only way you found things out.  Sometimes, though, we still get an unexpected gift.  It’s been less than a year since Runic Games floored us with their excellent action RPG Torchlight, and last week saw the announcement that a full sequel featuring cooperative multiplayer is practically right around the corner.

We loved talking to Runic about the first Torchlight last year, so naturally we wanted to get them back on as quickly as we could to discuss the next installment.  Once again we solicited your questions, made our appointment with the team, and I’m extremely happy to be able to bring you this episode as a result.  Unfortunately, Falcor the Wonder Dog was running around on official Runic business and couldn’t join us, but I’m a little bit giddy to tell you that we had both Schaefer brothers on this call, marking what Erich Schaefer tells us is his first podcast appearance.  I hope we did him proud.  Enjoy.

On the Immortal Machines side:
Eric [Ravenlock] – Host
Clayton [Voodoo] – Producer
Rob [mightbe] – Special Guest

On the Runic side:
Max and Erich Schaefer – Runic Co-Founders
Jason Beck – Art Director
Wonder Russell – Minister of Public Relations

Thanks to everybody who submitted questions – we tried to cram in as many as we could on a tight schedule.  Without further ado: Runic Games and Torchlight II!

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