The Action RPG has gotten a lot of love from the indie gaming scene over the last couple of years, and deservedly so – it’s a fantastic genre that we hadn’t seen enough of for quite some time after Diablo II threw its massive weight around a decade ago.  Now, though, with Torchlight and its upcoming sequel headlining the indie ARPG scene, and smaller excellent projects like Depths of Peril, Din’s Curse, or the PAX 10-honored Bastion also on the stage, how is an up-and-coming loot festival to stand out?

How about one where you play as the shopkeeper?

Admittedly, the pitch for Recettear might not immediately strike you as brilliant, and given that it was a fairly low-profile Japanese indie game to begin with, it’s a wonder that we get to play it at all, but thanks to the diligent translation efforts of Andrew Dice and his company Carpe Fulgur, this quirky division of dungeon crawling and price haggling is open for business, and we’re very glad that it is.

You may already have read the review that Lekon posted on Colony of Gamers for Recettear (hint: he liked it!), but I couldn’t let such a unique and charming game go un-discussed even if we are rehashing a bit of what’s already been said. The important thing is, if you enjoy Action RPG’s and want to play one with a little variety, $20 from the sales of your last loot drop should go towards buying this little gem.

Not convinced yet? Well, come on in and let us sell you on it, then.

Want to talk about it?  Come join the discussion over at Colony of Gamers.