In Episode 40, we talked about the longevity of games – how well a game, or a franchise, or a gameplay idea holds up over time, and what determines whether or not they’re worth revisiting years or even decades later.  Towards the end of that conversation, we started talking about reboots, and in the spooky spirit of Halloween, that’s the main attraction for this episode: necromancy!

Specifically, everyone was charged with proposing a franchise or a gameplay style that hasn’t yet been brought back from the dead, but that we’d like to return to.  We had a full house for this one, so there’s plenty of good ideas within.  Oh, and speaking of “bringing back”, former co-host Robert has returned in style to the show as a panelist, and brought a newcomer along with him – thanks to him and Turner both for joining us, and I hope they both make regular appearances from here on out!

Unsurprisingly, there was also some talk about Minecraft, because it’s amazing and we’re all psyched for the upcoming Halloween patch.  I promised to toss a link in here to the epic Colony of Gamers Minecraft thread, and so now I have.  Oh, and the city of Rapture made entirely in Minecraft.  That’s a thing that happened.

Also some chatting about what we’ve been playing, some complaining about Valve’s DOTA 2 announcement… you know, the expected stuff.

It’s starting to get cold outside, so find a nice warm beverage, get cozy and join us as we attempt to… Bring it on Back.

Hosted by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James [Vigil80], Chris [JPublic],  Robert [Trebor] and newcomer Turner
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

Want to talk about the show?  Come join the episode thread over at Colony of Gamers.

EDIT: I forgot a link again! (Of course I did, I’m me.) The Vintage Game Club, currently re-playing Planescape: Torment, which is available on GoG if you don’t already have a copy. There’s a widescreen mod discussed on the GoG forums over here, to make it look a little more up-to-date, too.