Starfarer is coming, and it is beginning to generate a buzz. The mind behind this cosmic strategy RPG, Alexander Mosolov of Fractal Softworks, gives us a little of his time to talk about the project and answer questions submitted by Colony of Gamers posters.

It has been too long since the likes of Star Control and Masters of Orion took us to the final frontier. With inspiration from those classic franchises as well as freewheeling, open world romps like Mount & Blade, Fractal Softworks hopes to take us there again. Starfarer promises a troubled galaxy to forge a path across, whether you choose to outfit a fleet of ships for the greater good, or play out life as a lone wolf space pirate.

Find out more at Starfarer’s official site, including details on preorder access to the alpha. And keep an eye on Immortal Machines for your chance to win a Starfarer registration key, which Alexander generously provided.