This right here is the link to the forum thread! Follow it, it won’t bite. If you didn’t listen to the audio bit yet and don’t know what I’m talking about, read on.

We’re coming up on the end of 2012, and we’d like to get one more episode in the bag before the world ends or 2013 begins, whichever thing goes down.

Traditionally that means it’s time for The IMmies, and we’ll probably still do that early next year after we’ve all caught up on some 2012 games we haven’t played yet, but we were talking about it after the last recording, and going forward we want the podcast to involve you guys more. Immortal Machines is the PC Gaming podcast of Colony of Gamers, after all, and we like to think we aren’t just doing this for ourselves (sure, we’re mostly doing it for ourselves, but not entirely).

So our next episode is going to be crowdsourced. We’re handing the reins to you! (Nothing can go wrong with this plan.) What do you want to hear us talk about? Nothing’s out of bounds as long as it’s PC related – ask us to talk about a new PC game, a forgotten classic, stuff about the state of the industry, whatever’s on your mind. We’re gonna talk about what you tell us to. And while I reserve the right to change this later, my current intention is to leave nothing out – if you post it in the thread on the CoG forums, we’ll say something about it, no matter how long the thread gets. If it’s a three hour episode, then it is.

But that also means that if you make no requests, the episode might be very short.  So go over there and post. Give us some marching orders. Make your podcast monkeys dance!