Eric was the elegant host, Dennis was DJ, and I was ready to party. Robert agreed to let us all tell our parents we were staying at his place. Steve brought his hot new date, Assassin’s Creed, but the rest of us were worried about her reputation for being an angry drunk after the third round. And then the power went out. I think Dennis’s voice-activated turntable tripped the breaker, but we’ll never know for sure. By the time we got the lights back on, Eric had to leave on a beer run. But he did leave me with clear instructions not to burn the place down.

We eventually manage to pore over an eclectic selection of the year’s finest games. If it was interesting, affecting, or merely very fun, chances are good that one of us noticed. If it was ridiculous or shameful, we noticed that too, but we don’t let it get us down.

If you aren’t surprised by some of the crew’s favorites, I’ll eat the leftover collard greens from New Year’s Day dinner. Cold.

Grab a cold one and raise a toast to the best games of 2013.

Hosted by Eric [Ravenlock] and James [Vigil80]
Participants are Robert [Trebor], Steve [Dukefrukem], and Dennis [OP Nerd]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

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