Podcast Biographies

Eric Leslie (co-host): Eric is a PC gamer practically since birth, having started out programming BASIC games out of the back of Boys’ Life magazine with his father on a Timex Sinclair almost before he could read the magazine issues they came from. He now games on everything, and enjoys talking about gaming with other smart, rational folks – and also with the people on this podcast. We kid because we love! When he’s not talking into a microphone, he can be found writing about PC freeware and mod titles for Colony of Gamers, and writing about all sorts of stuff at Erratic Gamer.

Robert Ridley (co-host): Robert is just your average over-40 PC-game-playing geek who likes to get his yearly dose of radiation from a LCD monitor rather than the Sun. Playing video games as a hobby helped lead him into his profession (13+ years and counting) in Information Technology. The range of games he play is wide, and the collection of PC games he owns is even wider, at 400+ including Steam, Direct to Drive, Impulse, and GOG.  He runs a not-too-shabby rig which allows him to escape reality for a while (or until his right wrist starts to give out). If someone calls him passionate about gaming, they would not be too far off the mark; even in his small family, his wife and 6 year old son have their own PCs and play games on them too. The family that games together, stays together.

Clayton Cannon (Producer): After watching news piece after news piece in late 2007 state that PC Gaming was on the verge of total collapse, Clayton decided it was time to start a site dedicated to PC Gaming without Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt.  Originally launched as a features & news site with an accompanying podcast, we soon discovered that we enjoyed playing and talking about PC Games a lot more than writing about them.  In early 2009, the site was relaunched as a podcast-only PC Gaming site along with an entirely new cast of characters.  That cast frequently changes as PC Gamers of differing interests join us for different recordings.  Clayton now acts as producer for the show.