Are you a multiplayer PC gamer who is into comp stomp, teams or just plain old vanilla death match? In episode 15 of the Immortal Machines podcast this topic is fragged and sniped at by the ‘Usual Suspects’, Clayton [Bacalou], Robert [Trebor], Eric [Ravenlock], Bryan [Smoof], Warren [Mayhem] and Jacob [MagGnome].

After expending all available ammo we switch gears and discuss PC gaming with a desktop versus a laptop and even throw in some netbook comments to make sure its feelings are not hurt. An emotional walk down memory lane is experienced when the Retro Game segment covers Grim Fandango which transitions to lighter fare with the Indie Game segment discussion of Audiosurf and Darwinia.

Finally in ‘DWGAS’ we leave our parting comments on IGN’s top 25 games of all time (sic), two new WoW races to be introduced (puke), along with other nauseating items like Games for Windows Live 3.0 (DOA).

[Episode 14] Don’t Tread On PC

Ladies and gentlemen, our pastime is one apparently always under fire of one sort or another. We suffer through draconian DRM schemes and the constant threat of hardware incompatibility only to see our exclusives bundled up and given to the X360 or the PS3. We wait months, maybe more, for a delayed port of the game that years ago would have come first on the PC, only to see that they haven’t even put mouse control in the menus and the multiplayer doesn’t work. We are treated as thieves by the companies we buy from, and as snobs by our console-playing brethren. The history of PC Gaming is long and storied, but at the end of the day, has it come to this?

Don’t worry, we’re not here to prophecy the death of the PC. There are plenty of overpaid analysts to do that for you. But man, sometimes it just feels like we get the short end of the stick. This week, Bryan [Smoof] leads Eric [Ravenlock], Robert [Trebor], Clayon [Bacalou] and Warren [Mayhem] in a brief lament over the state of the PC’s often seeming sidebar status in the Console War.

When we’re not whining about that, though, we also talk about some new free user-created content for Left 4 Dead (Dead City, Dam It!, and Death Aboard – and you can find a lot more where they came from), the very Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-esque “How to Raise a Dragon“, and a smattering of recent news, and also take a lovingly terrified look back at Aliens vs. Predator 2. Oh, and Eric pimps his new column with Bandango, just a little for good measure.

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Making the 13th episode of the Immortal Machines podcast we just had to ignore all those references to scary movies and just talk about pure, unadulterated, adrenalized PC Gaming from the latest to what we have been playing, to Indie games, and then dialing it back to Retro gaming. Oh the comfort of having so much history of PC gaming to keep you warm on those cold nights, even in July!

This week, Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Bacalou], Robert [Trebor], Bryan [Smoof], Adam [Grifter] and Warren [Mayhem] talk about Digital Distribution with a focus on LucasArts games being added to Steam tremendous line up, issues with older games being released via DD without any noticeable bug fixes, and what we would like to see happen with Digital Distribution come 2010 and beyond. During the Indie segment, Eric discusses Trine and just how much fun a 2-D side scrolling game can be. On the Retro Gaming end, Robert discusses the joys of shooting off body parts of terrorists, one limb at a time, playing Soldier of Fortune. Oh the gore! Oh the horror! Oh the fun!! There is plenty more to listen to so get with it, stop reading this and download the fraking podcast!!

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[Episode 12] Keepin’ It Up

Sometimes it just ain’t easy bein’ green. …Wait, that’s not quite what I meant.

Gaming is not, compared to many other things, a complicated hobby. Expensive, sure, and diverse, but not complicated. We like playing games. Give us a keyboard and a mouse and a monitor (or a controller and a TV) and we’re set. Mix in real life, though – jobs, families, travel, the general grind – and suddenly things aren’t so simple any more. This week, Eric [Ravenlock], Clayton [Bacalou], Robert [Trebor], Bryan [Smoof], Jacob [MagGnome] and Warren [Mayhem] talk about the burnout that we all occasionally feel when our urge to game wanes or, worse, gaming starts to feel like a chore… and what to do about it.

Luckily, of course, it isn’t all doom & gloom, and our retro segment includes a lot of fond memories of Serious Sam, coming soon in revamped glory to an XBox 360 near you via XBLA. In our freeware & indie section, 8-Bit Killer and Hinterland: Orc Lords are the primary targets, with mention also made of recent updates to Spelunky and Zeno Clash.

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