[Episode 7] Unnecessarily Newfangled Anatomies

Do new games necessarily need innovative approaches to be fun? We try our best to answer that ever present question. Along the way, topics such as Anatomy Physics, how female and gay characters are treated in games and the role of sex in making a game successful are brought to the table. This podcast’s cast are Adam [Grifter], Bryan [Smoof], Eric [Ravenlock], Jacob [MagGnome], Robert [Trebor] and Clayton [Voodoo].

[Episode 6] Inevitable Progression

In this podcast we talk about what each of us have been playing, how games endure the process of consolism and the progression of digital distribution. Also, in this podcast, we introduce the Retro PC Gaming Moment where Robert covers a older PC Gaming title. This week we discuss Duke Nukem 3D which turns into an inevitable conversation about Duke Nukem Forever and strippers. This podcast’s cast are Bryan [Smoof], Eric [Ravenlock], Jacob [MagGnome], Peter [iHap], Robert [Trebor] and Clayton [Voodoo].

[Episode 5] One Year Later

We welcome Javier[violent] back to the Immortal Machines podcast. Also joining us in this episode are Robert[Trebor], Peter[iHap] and Clayton[Voodoo]. It has been approximately one year since Immortal Machines has been founded and what a year of PC Gaming we’ve had. In our discussion we cover what we hold as our single favorite games, our views on how to properly execute DRM on the PC Gaming platform, the upcoming Watchmen movie and that concocted top ten list that PC World put out.

[Episode 4] Fourth

We welcome Peter[iHap] to the Immortal Machines podcast. He will be joining us from this podcast forward along side John[Ten19], Robert[Trebor] and Clayton[Voodoo]. In this podcast we go over the Dawn of War 2 beta, the Homeworld series, Company of Heroes, Sins of a Solar Empire and quite a few other games that have been keeping us busy. We also cover the topic of the recent move of Immortal Machines into Colony of Gamers.