[Episode 3] Entrenchment

On this podcast we interview Blair Fraser, director of Ironclad games. During the past year they have made an amazing journey. We cover topics ranging from how his team is doing, what they do for fun, how they bleed off stress, what motivates them and of course about the coming Sins expansion – Entrenchment. We enjoyed talking with Blair quite a lot and we hope you enjoy it as well. Please, don’t forget to rate the podcast. All feedback is appreciated.

[Episode 2] Aught Nine

Here we have the first podcast of the new year, Aught Nine. In this podcast we cover what each of us did for New Years Eve, what we’ve been playing since the last podcast recording and also which games we are each looking forward to. Aught Nine features John [Ten19], Robert [Trebor] and Clayton [Voodoo] as they share their thoughts, opinions and insights on the topic of PC Gaming, Dick Clark, Miley Cyrus, AGP Video Cards and little kittens you can put in your pocket…

[Episode 1] Zero

With the new year comes the relaunch of the Immortal Machines podcast. Today I present to you Zero, our second ‘test’ podcast where we get acquainted to the tools of the trade. Our first ‘test’ podcast was not recorded so any humor is lost to the ether…

On this podcast we introduce ourselves; Ten19, Trebor and Voodoo. We also cover a bit of history of the site, how each of us got into PC Gaming and what we feel about the current state of PC Gaming. A schedule of podcast recording hasn’t been determined yet but our next podcast recording date is set to Jan 6th.